Production Capabilities for Underwater Cartridges Has Been Upgraded in Russia

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Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TsNIITOCHMASH) Rostec State Corporation has commissioned an automatic assembly line for ammunition for underwater weapons. The new production line was the result of modernization of production facilities and will allow producing more than 10 thousand cartridges per day.

The manufactured ammunition is intended for firing from an SPP-1 underwater pistol of a 4.5-mm caliber and a submachine gun for underwater firing of an APS of a 5.66-mm caliber. The cartridges have high accuracy at a depth of five meters, and also allow targeted fire at a depth of up to 20 meters from a pistol and up to 40 meters from a machine gun.

“Automation of production was implemented within the framework of the general modernization program of TSNIITOCHMASH and allowed to significantly reduce costs and reduce production costs. The staff has undergone a special retraining to work on the new equipment. The production volumes will allow to completely cover the needs of law enforcement agencies in this type of ammunition, ”said Sergey Abramov, industrial director of Rostec State Corporation.

The SPP-1 underwater pistol and APS submachine gun are developed by TsNIITOCHMASH and are intended for equipping combat swimmers and ensure effective defeat of enemy saboteurs and other targets both in surface and submarine mode.

TsNIITOCHMASH JSC is a part of Rostec State Corporation as a direct management organization. The company is a center for research and development of small arms, ammunition, simulators, military equipment, other weapons, as well as means of protecting weapons and military equipment against high-precision weapons. The products of TsNIITOCHMASH JSC have proven themselves both in the Russian power structures and abroad. Among the developments of the institute are a set of combat equipment of the second generation “Warrior”, underwater weapons APS and SPP-1, ATGM “Kornet”, gun “Gyurza”, machine gun “Val”, rifle “Vintorez”, etc."

Brian, strange, I wonder how old this article is. The APS and the SPP-1 are supposedly phased out.
The APS was replaced by the ASM in 5.45x39.


Well the date they give for the news release is 5/2/2019 (February 5th, 2019). Maybe the upgrade project was completed years ago and was only mentioned in a news release years latter. It does seems rather odd.

Wouldn’t be the first time Russian media have taken some time to release information…

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The term “revival” fits here no?