Production of the Pirotecnico di Bologna, Bologna, Italy

and excuse me for my bad English (I use a PC translator)
The Pirotecnico di Bologna has not interrupted the production in 1945, as I have read in some posts, but at the end of 1944 because of the allied aerial bombardments
The test is in the fact that cartridges don’t exist with headstamp B-45
After the destruction the survived machineries were brought near “Baschieri & Pellagri” factory of powder near the city of Bologna, that collaborated with the Pyrotechnic
And’ very probable that her “qrb” (headstamp of the 9 M38s) is not Bologna but really her "Baschieri & Pellagri"
From certain news (ex workers) we have from little wiseacre that the 6,5 Carcanos with Headstamp SB 16 - SB 17 - SB 18 have always been produced by “Baschieri & Pellagri” it seems (but it is not sure) that has also been produced some branded lots SB 36 - SB 37 - SB 38 (war of Spain and Ethiopia)
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