Prograde (BVAC) brand demise

While collecting SCHP pistol rds last year, I was wondering why the ProGrade line by BVAC (ProGrade Ammo Group bought BVAC in 2011) was so short lived, especially considering how they had invested a seemingly considerable amount in headstamped brass, website, etc… I also noticed that their Facebook presence, as far as posts, ceased in November 2014. I think I found the answer, and it looks like an unfair competition lawsuit brought by various parties in Montana:

“Unfair Competition”, specifically the Lanham Act would be the “Likelihood of Confusion and false advertising”. Depending on what the plaintiffs are trying to claim, this statute has one of the higher burdens of proof known and is not an easy case to win unless very solid.

You can see various court filing updates such as a procedural filing in March of 2015 regarding the same case:

Prograde is no stranger to lawsuits since they were bizarrely sued by real-life lord of war / fraudster Efraim Diveroli in late 2013 for pre-paid contracts which were never filled. (Efraim was busted in an ATF sting for illegal gun possession, and also under investigating for fraudulently supplying junk ammo on government contracts for troops in Afghanistan.)

It looks like ProGrade / BVAC is now in some sort of active business under the new name Pro Loading Services (or PLS Partners) with Sean Cummins as the listed contact. This is from the contact info on a Gunbroker auction I won from the seller “ProLoading” who is offering a whole bunch of BVAC and ProGrade ammo. The listed address is the same as BVAC in Stevensville, and Google-cached search results of previous Gunbroker listings (no longer accessible) mention in the description that “Pro Loading services is the parent comany of BVAC”. I dont know if this is technically just a rebranding, or a buy-out. It also looks like there is now a firm called Bitteroot Tool & Machine, which is also them, or what was a portion of BVAC that is offering machining, brass, and various loading services or equipment -

Just noticing today that Pro Loading is now branding their ammo as “406 Ammunition” (a reference to the 406 telephone area code for the entire state of Montana). Their website does not sell anything retail direct, and I could only find one seller - Selway Armory in Montana who is carrying anything of theirs, some 10mm auto. I sent an email to 406 to ask if they have a headstamp of their own, or if they are still going through ProGrade brass.



interesting! Darren Newsom owned BVAC sold it they ran it into the ground. Darren now owns ARMSCOR in Victor MT. Bitterroot tool and machine is run by Randy Jones Airport rd Stevi