Project SALVO

To you US Experimentals collectors out there -

When did Project SALVO end. Was in concluded on some particular date or did it just linger on until forgotten.

While I have your attention, the same question about SCHV.



Having started to become interested in US Experimentals, is there a “must have” book on the subject ?

Would you be interested in posting pictures and details of all of your cartridges in this facinating series? If you will then I will. I know I don’t have anything unusual amongst my few Salvo rounds but I suspect it might start an interesting and informative thread if others then follow suite.

The best book I’m aware of is ‘The SPIW The Deadliest Weapon That Never Was’ by R.Blake Stevens & Edward C.Ezell. As ever you’re welcome to borrow it…


Thanks Jim, if I can’t find and buy the book I’ll take up your offer.

Armourer - Jim

While the SPIW book is excellant and interesting reading it is naturally oriented toward the SPIW weapons and cartridges. It touches on some of the significant milestones of the SCHV and SALVO concepts but only enough to put the SPIW into perspective, and tease you into wanting to learn more.

There is no one single reference that covers them in detail, as far as I know.
Daniel Watters has done a remarkable job in condensing most of the official references and reports in his TGZ (The Gun Zone) series. He doesn’t go into a great deal of detail on the cartridges since that wasn’t his goal but if you follow his leads the information is there. If (when) HWS Vol III is published it should go a long way in adding the meat to the bones (I hope).

I would like to share photos and descriptions of my own modest collection of SCHV, SALVO, and SPIW cartridges but it would be a large project in itself and something more appropriate for the JOURNAL rather than the Forum. I have thought about it more than once but let me ponder it again.