Projectile draw set display ID

This draw set display was posted on another forum I frequent. There were no suggestions for ID so I thought you guys would have more of an idea than anyone else.

Projectiles are reported to be .308
The row without a label is reported to weigh 140gr.
Construction of the frame is rough and uses older style wood screws.
Projectiles are glued into slots cut into the white foam type material.

Any ideas about these projectiles? I think the display is probably home made rather than a factory display due to the reported rough construction but maybe not.

They seem similar to the match bullets made by (or for) the Ross Rifle Company in .303 caliber just before the first war. The Ross bullets were long for their diameter and with a void in the nose in front of the lead core. Their steel jackets were drawn so they had solid bases, with the point closed up over the void. Ross also produced a similar series for their .280 rifle I think, and, perhaps, for .30 caliber rifles like the Springfield. The bullets in the first and fourth rows appear to have conventional open base jackets. Perhaps someone will recognize them and be able to speak more exactly. Jack