Projectile ID please

I have tried to sort this myself but keep having doubts. I think its a 75mm shell, but might have the wrong fuze in it. I thought EP = Ecole de Pyrotechnic Antwerp. But cant find this type of fuze for Belgium’s use in WWI. But as stamped on the fuze C16/40 would that indicate an old fuze brought back into service, or changed in some way. It is a shrapnel shell and still has the shrapnel shot inside.

Second Projectile.

This is solid shot I believe A/P but has a distinctive driving band which I can not find on the main suspects on the net!

as ever many thanks in advance

#1 is not “EP” but rather Cyrillic “ШР” (= “ShR” for Shrapnel) and sowith would be Yugoslav.

#2 Looks much like a UK 25pdr AP or practice shot.

EOD. Many thanks, I have some fired 25pr smoke and star projectiles and yes the driving band is the same type, I have also spare cases but the fit is very sloppy. How ever I will make it work, thanks again…paul.

25Pr is QF Separate, the case was not intended to hold the projectile.