PROOF cartridges


Please post photo’s and description of ANY [color=#FF0000]PROOF[/color] cartridge for military or sporting use .



Here goes:

9x19 para barrel proof rounds from 1917. Sealed box.

This is a 3D rendering of the original box with the ground plan of ‘Munitionsfabrik Cassel’, thought to be the manufacturer, in the background.

Head stamp and box label:


Thank you Vlim -that’s exactly what I had in mind.

I havn’t see that one before…

A recent post of mine : . 284 Proof cartridge :



I know there are more PROOF rounds out there.

  How about some European sporting cartridges ??


Stonewall - the problem is, the parameters of your question are huge. I, myself, with only a fair collection
and specialized to auto pistol only, have several hundred proof loads in my collection. To photograph them, what boxes there are, and describe them would constitute a small book on pistol proof loads. We all want to help with any question asked here, but sometimes the breadth of the questions makes that inpractical. People with truly large collections probably have twice or three times the proof loads I have.

Sorry not to be of help here. If your question was more limited, I would give it a try, although I honest have no suggestions as to how to limitit. If you asked by country - the proof loads from the U.S. and Germany alone would be a daunting project.

John Moss


Swiss 7,5x55 proofrounds

Swiss 7,65 proofrounds



The photo captioned 9x19mm proof is of a 7.65mm Parabellum label.




Here are some smaller Remington Shotshell Proof loads…


Shows some of the different styles used over the years. “DANGER” seems to be a big part of the theme!



Thanks gravelbelly I restored it



Photo of Australian 303 British Q3 Proof Packet, cartridges are headstamped MF 57 Q3, copper-washed case.


Here a Dutch .303" proof cartridge produced in 1953 by A.I. (artillerie inrichtingen). The “A” stands for lot “A”

The extra “T” in the headstamp (combined with the green primer annulus) stands for “Tormenteer” (= proof)

gr. Joost


Here, three 5.56x45 french proof cartridges.
Nickel plated or lacquered steel case.
Watch the “mushroom” tip and the wide cannelure on the bullet (69 grs gilding metal)



Here is a small group of U.S. HPT cartridges.

L-R: Cal. .45 M1 High Pressure Test, “FA 42”; Cal. .30 Carbine M18 High Pressure Test, “WRA 52”; Cal. .30 Light Rifle T71E1 High Pressure Test, “FA 53”; Cal. 30 M1 High Pressure Test, “FA HP 53”.



Thank you.

Don’t stop now-this is getting interesting!

I just remembered that I have a couple of project Salvo proof cartridges.
I will post them in the morning .

Thanks guys.



I’m not too sure where this is going but here are a few more…


top=WRA 22 LR
bottom=REM-UMC Pre-War, 32WCF, 38WCF, 44 S&W SPL, 38COLT SPL, 45 COLT, 41 LC, 38 COLT NP, 380 CAPH, 32-7.65mm


Here is the box for Remington Arms Co. .45 Colt Proof. The cartridge was tinned with magenta head and bullet. Headstamp was R -P .45 COLT



Are those Long Colt or Short Colt?? ;) ;) Note the 45 COLT of mine.



Ray–The blackened case for proof identification of .45 [color=#FF0000]COLT[/color] dates from the 1930’s. And, yes, I did see that .45 [color=#FF0000]COLT[/color] in your line up, and I do have it in my collection. I wish I had the box for it, or even a scan of the box.

For those who don’t get Ray’s comment about “Long” or “Short”, I once chastised Ray that it is ONLY .45 COLT, Not LONG Colt, since there is no .45 SHORT Colt cartridge. Although, You see the use of .45 LONG COLT in cartridge makers price lists more and more all the time, it is technically WRONG.


Ray and Ron,

The .45 proof in that group Ray shows is still a bit of an enigma (at least for me!) and when last discussed on the old Forum, everyone was in agreement that a box for it would be a wonderful thing to see! For those who might wonder, it has a “REM-UMC 45 COLT” headstamp, rim dia. of the older .45 Colt and case length of the .45 S&W.

Guy Hildebrand’s site has a mini-article on these:

I think Ray nailed it with “.45 Short Colt”. Ron needs another something to shake his head about…