Proparms Neutrex electric-primed 12ga disruptor

Here is a 3rd box of all-brass 3.75" long electric-primed 12ga shells meant for EOD use in disruptor guns (on tracked robots). The cases in this are fired empties, but I was told they had a special water slug capsule which was used against explosive devices. The box is foil-lined and is dated Jul 1, 2001. It has English and French print on opposite sides of the box. I know very little about them - are they rare?

Here’s a 29mm round for the same purpose. Not sure how the water is added. There was no capsule included. It just does fit in the box.

They don’t load a water “slug” to the case. The case & propellant provides the impulse that drives water down a barrel creating a “slug” of water that does the impacting/disruption.