Propellant type in .223 GECO Target 63grain/4.1gram

Is anybody able to name the propellant used in the .223 GECO Target 63grain/4.1gram?

Can you post a picture?

Actually not as it is a question from elsewhere and I am trying to help.

Do I assume correctly that these are likely made by MFS?

And they are said to be a copy of the Swiss “Gewehrpatrone 90” which as we know is a somewhat unique load and is tuned to work best in the SIG Stgw. 90.

All the boxes I have seen with that decription have “T” lot numbers and contain what looks like regular Swiss made cartridges, even packed in Swiss plastic chargers.

I have never seen a Geco brand .223 or 5.56 made in Hungary. Do you have a picture?

Fede, good to know!
Actually it makes sense that these loads are made by the Swiss once it is the commercialized Gewehrpatrone 90.

No Hungarian Geco I can proove. As so many Geco brand ammo is made there I assumed it could be the case with .223 as well.