Propellant WC-740

I am looking for the technical specs of WC-740 propellant.
And who made it?


WC sounds like a Western Cartridge / Olin product, with what little I know about powders. But no idea where to find specs. Sorry

Try THUNDERBIRD CARTRIDGE COMPANY, Laveen, Arizona USA. Eric Lutfy, the owner is one of the most knowledgeable individuals on the planet on the subject.

PPG, thanks a lot but this is way more effort than I can invest here. I asked for a friend who wondered about the propellant in US 7.62x51 duplex loads and if there was anything special to it.

The special thing about the M198 Duplex is the considerably smaller volume available in the case for the propellant. Presumably, WC 740 is better tuned to this situation than ordinary WC 846.
As PetedeCoux wrote, WC together with a 3-digit number is used for Olin (invented at Western) double-base “Ball Powder” propellants in U.S. military cartridges. The numbers are, I think, not the same as used for commercial reloading W-W ball powders and I have not seen them in burn rate comparisons.

A little bit of info here


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Jestertoo, thanks, I had found that report before.