Propelling cartridge for Madsen 51 mm mortar Mark IV


Does anyone have pictures of an actual example of the propelling cartridge for Madsen 51 mm mortar Mark IV?


I do really hope someone finds an specimen. Argentina was the only user of this rare mortar/grenade laucher but an example of its propelling cartridge has never showed up here. Look for a 20 ga cartridge with brass head, paper body and headstamp FOR MADSEN 51 mm..


Fede, sorry I had to let you wait. I was not at home for a couple of days.

If I recall it right there were only 1000 of these mortars made.

Great you indicated Argentina since I had only “South America” as a reference for the Madsen 51mm.


Alex, thank you very much!

Which is the color of the paper body?


Fede, unfortunately I can not tell since it is tightly seated and can not be removed without force. The flash channels do not help either since they are blown out (means the cartridge is fired).
I shall do a close examination once again. If I’ll manage to gain new knowledge I’ll post it.


The body colour is light brown. The top is sealed with a red top.


m89, thanks! Can you post some pictures?


I will try to insert some pictures:


m89, great pictures! Thank you very much.

The primer of your round looks exactly the same as the one pictured in the DISA manual.


Fede, do you have some DISA manuals saying something about the DISA 7-36? If yes it would be very interesting.