Propelling / ignition cartridges for Sander line thrower


Does anybody have a manual, drawings or good photos of the 8mm cartridges for the Sander line thrower?
The cartridges do look like rimmed revolver cartridges with rose crimp (what is suspected to be the pre 1945 version).
The post war cartridges were turned brass and had an open case mouth closed with red laquer (with shot shell primer).

There is a low quality image on the web but not very helpfull.
Also the hs and the packing would be interesting to see.

Here the device (image from the web):


I am pretty sure these are similar to the Schermuly concept where the cartridge serves to both provide some initial impulse to launch the rocket and also to ignite the rocket. The rocket fits inside the barrel with metal rods extending back outside the barrel and the line is attached to them.

More information on both the gun and cartridges would be appreciated.

Apparently they were used by German U-boats during WW2 and likely other naval vessels as well.


John, the gun was regular navy issue for all units. Nothing special as for submarines as it would be like associating any Luger P 08 with submarines as some of the guns were aboard of every single one of them.

The cartridge is way too small to provide any propelling impulse. As per designation it is an ignition cartridge for the rockets fired (remember the 8mm at a case length of approx. 16mm).

The Schermuly device used a cut down 1" flare gun case with a significant amount of propellant.


posted this on another thread but now on this one too.

The head on these is 1.071" / 27.21mm, and they are 1.257" / 31.93mm long plus the unusually thick rim.
The label has a faint “JAN 1943” rubber stamp just above the “FOR”