Proportions new cartridges


What are the proportions these new American cartridges : .30 T/C, .308 Marlin Express and .450 Bushmaster ?

Thanks Vit


I think Vit wants case measurements of these new rounds. I don’t have any of them at hand, as don’t collect these. Can Someone help him? He might like pictures of them also, although they have all appeared, pictorially, in advertisements for them.


Are they in the newest COTW?



Here you could dl some info: … master.pdf


Not to hijack, but the .17 Fireball / .375 Ruger are also very recent introductions.



these pages be fine, but are not here data shown proportions - admeasurement (Diameter rim, base, neck …, longitude … and below.).
Information on cartridges .17 Firebal and .375 Ruger I have.