Prototype fin & nozzle assembly for M6A3C rocket?

Well, at least we know who the contractor was who either designed it or built them. The plain steel nozzle is stamped “SIMCO.” But is SIMCO also S.M.Co. who made aluminum P.D.F.M52 fuzes for 60MM mortars (photo.) I wonder if Picatinny simply farmed out the engineering and design work and then just contracted with companies like GE for production.



Nice items, thanks for sharing.

The tail assembly looks like a standard component for a practice rocket like the M7A3, for example.

Regarding the nozzle, it was manufactured by Simmons Co. -the mattress company- at their household furniture plant located in Elizabeth, New Jersey, while the M52 fuze was made by Scovill Mfg. Co., Waterbury, Conn.