PS 51 7.65 Dummy?

I acquired 5 identical rounds with this headstamp and Winchester type protected primer with cncs bullet
All 5 cartridges have identical holes in case wall.
I have not seen this type of primer on pistol cartridges.
Last photo shows same headstamp with copper primer and black primer seal and similar headstamp with brass primer except for placement of dot in 7.65
Are these factory dummy’s?
What is the story on protected primer?


Is that brass inside the cup or hardened rubber…if these are Drill rounds, as inferred by drilled holes, then a firing pin protector as in ,“snapcaps” would be logical…

PS Povaske Strojarne Czechoslovakia. Typical early Czech HS layout, before changing over to Eastern Block layout.
IMO, nothing to do with Protected Primers.

Doc AV

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Doc is right, these are normal dummies of the time and the primer cup has a rubber inlay.

Nice rounds. PS made ones are not very common and dummies I see for the first time.

Both of you are correct.
The dark part inside brass primer ring is rubber composition.

These cardidges are dummies from Czechoslovakia. The headstamp PS means Povazske Strojírny. The factory is now in slowak republik. Nr 51 Is the year of production and * is the Singt for brass case. It’s exist a wariand without holes in. Case with strips. On case pushed inside the case. Don’t know if you understand what I mean. Can not better explain in English. If I found it I give a photo of dummy 9mm Browning short. From Z zbrojovka Brno it’s the same system of creating dummies

Czechoslovakia manufactured a dummy round in 9 mm Short with the black rubber primer as well, but the entire mock primer is rubber, not just the center of it. They are more clearly identified as a dummy by a deep cannelure just below the case mouth, and flutes in the case. I have them with JR (1928), Circled-M (1934) and Z (1935) headstamps. I suspect they can also be found with PS headstamps. There is no hole in the case side as there is in those of 7.65 mm Browning caliber.

John Moss