" * PS * 6.5x54" primer marking of T3

What does it actually say on the primer?

It’s talked about here.


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I think Dan is pretty much right on. Below is a scan of the opening page of a Povzské Strojàrne catalog, undated unfortunately, and what they have to say about the T3 Primer.

There are no cartridges in the catalog, that I recognize anyway, that did not exist before WW2. If any help, the catalog was from KOVO Limited Metal and Engineering Products and Raw Materials Traning Company, Enterprise 6, Prague, Czechoslovakia, so it predates the separation of Czechsolovakia into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. This catalog was printed specifically for the Continental Arms Corporation, of New York City.

Hope this is of some help and interest.

John Moss


Hi John, it would be from c. 1949-50. I have this blurb from June 1950:

June 1950



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Fede - interesting, because I had thought, when I got it out of my file, that it was dated 1949. I guess somewhere along the way someone had given me a time-frame for it, since it is not dated, and that was in my mind. I didn’t mention it, because for me, it would be a guess. I really was not of the impression that it was a pre-WW2 catalog, but without a date, I just told as much about it as I could. Thanks for the information.

Is it safe to assume that the T3 primers (at least those so marked), were a post-WW2 development?


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