PS 8x57R


2 questions for this headstamp:

  1. What is the primer stamp (superimposed 3 and T)?
  2. This round was made in Czecholslovakia. For whom?


Your cartridge was made by Povazsk


John - I suspect that your id is not quite correct. The "PS * 8x57R * " hs is known on 8x57JR Mauser whilst the PS produced 8x57R/360 used a "PS * 360/8x57 * " hs.

I cannot add anymore to the info on the PS anti-corrosive “T3” primer (equivalent to SBPs NEROXIN, RWS’s SINOXID and DWMs NICORRO). SMATANAs book on M-Z-PS cartridges does have a page on it but my “Czech” is not so good. Would like to hear a Czech collector explain what the significance of the “T3” is.


Virtually the whole range of Povaske Strojarne ammunition was available in Australia back in the 1950s, 60s and early 70s. All the European metric common sporting calibres, including some European equivalents of American cartridges ( such as the 22 Savage Hi-power).
Their plain printed small packets (usually ten rounds) stood out against the more colourful US, British and Australian ammo packets.

For many years they (PS) were the only source of some of the rarer Drilling cartridges.

regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics


Brad - you are correct, of course, on the .360/8x576R question. I got on the wrong page of the Kovo/PS catalog. Rather than retype a bunch of stuff, and leave erroneous information on the site, I am going to edit my original message to give the correct code names and take out the erroeous information. Regarding the T3 primer, the significance is simply that it is their non-corrosive, non-mercuric primer. It is only what “T” and the “3” mean by themselves that is in question. Thanks for the 'catch."