PTL and RPA Omega .50 cal (12.7x99)

I’ve now got some first hand information that answered most of my original questions, so I have edited this post for the information of others.

The PTL omega 12.7 x 99 is a match grade round available with a solid brass 800 grain bullet or an Armour Piercing bullet, made by Primetake Limited in England, UK. and developed for the RPA Rangemaster .50 Tactical Rifle.

Rangemaster Precision Arms Ltd, supply PTL Omega match ammunition with the PTL omega headstamp, not the RPA headstamp.

The RPA headstamped ammunition was made in a very small amount (quantity not known) for a specific procurement demonstration of the RPA rifle in late 2007. This was supplied to Rangemaster Precision Arms Ltd by Primetake Ltd.

I don’t yet know why some of the spent cases seen have red case-head overpainting. If anyone knows why, the information would be appreciated.

Anybody out there with info on their 12 GA LE & Military loads? Could not find any at their website.

The following 12 gauges ctg’s made by PTL are for certain in use/have been used by the Dutch Army & Special Forces. These are the official names:

  • Bismuth 00/9 NL, Nr 500
  • Bismuth No. 5, Less FOD, Nr 556
  • Bismuth No. 7 NL, Nr 496
  • Teargas, CS, Short Range, Nr 502
  • Teargas, CS, Long Range (number unknown)
  • Steel Slug, Nr 498
  • Entry Long Range, Nr 513
  • Entry Short Range (number unknown)
  • Practise Entry, Nr 512
  • Practise Entry, Nr 512C1
  • Sound and Flash, Birdscaring, Nr 434C1

Certainly some more types or variations do excist. However the above types have been identified so far by me.
Except for the Practise Entry, Sound and Flash and Teargas CS Long Range, these have aluminium cases.

EMZ, thank you for the info.
There is also a “Bismuth No. 5NL”- “NR501”.

Here is an example of the RPA Omega headstamp. It looks to have been made by PPU or Igman. The shade of the brass and the opaque red paint primer annulus is very similar to other PPU or Igman cases I have seen.

I found this case in a .50 ammo can full of cases on a stall at an outdoor car parts fair. The other cases in the can were a mixture of Bosnian, Turkish and South African. I only found one of the RPA cases in there.

I can see that collectors will have to be careful about identification of rounds with “RPA” headstamps. Sans the Omega mark, “RPA” is also a headstamp on some military calibers of ammunition made at the Republic of Philippines Government Arsenal, Department of National Defense, Camp General Antonio Luna, Limay, Bataan. I have it in 9 mm Para, .30 Carbine and .45 Auto. Of the calibers I collect, the .45 Auto version is by far the most common.

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Falcon, both the PTL and RPA cases were made by Igman in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The RPA headstamp was actually made when the company’s designation was RPA International Ltd., and not Rangemaster Precision Arms Ltd. as mentioned above, which is the designation used since 2011.

Thanks Fede. From what I have seen, Igman and PPU products are almost identical. I have even seen a thread on here showing Igman stamped ammunition in delivered in PPU boxes.

Do you know how many of the PTL and RPA Omega cases were made?

Do you have any photos of loaded rounds?

Falcon, below you can see an image of the Ωmega Sniper solid brass 800 gr load from a RPA 2007 brochure. I don’t know how many of these cases were made.

Thanks for the photo Fede.

I have one of those rounds (inert, with a drilled case), plus a separate bullet, and also an API loading from the same firm, given to me when I visited the factory some years go. Can’t remember the head stamp and I’m away from home. I did ask about the red lacquer last time I visited the factory, but only got blank looks!

I know I’m a bit late. Some 5 years almost but yesterday I got my hands on a case with unfired projectile. See image below.

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