PTRS or PTRD ...?





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I will assume that ПТРС
puts a more obvious trace on the bottom of the cartridge from the reflector.
was in our regiment, and I managed to shoot out of it, I do not remember that there were any noticeable traces left at the bottom of the cartridge case, except from a striker.

I agree that Degtjarjov/PTRD is most likely. The Simonov has a smaller ejector on the 4-5 o’clock position of the bolt face that leaves a distinguishable imprint. The auto-ejection of the PTRD is not strong enough to leave any remarkable signs (it has a small plunger ejector).


I’m a little confused. The case on the picture looks like a 12,7x108, but the AT Guns PTRD/PTRS has the caliber 14,5x114.

That’s right) Mі all here “connoisseurs”, in the photo case cartridge 12.7Х108)

I ‘said’ PTRS/PTRD because of the ‘headstamp’: similar to the other 14.5x114mm cartridge cases of the soviet PTRS/PTRD AT rifle that I saw them on the internet .

Maybe…if smb would have a photo of the “patterns” (fired cartridge…) for each of them (PTRS / PTRD)…?

Had me fooled too! Goes to show how you miss the whole picture if you study details too closely :-)


Look at 14.5

Look at 12.7

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Any soviet WW2 AT gun/rifle for which the 12.7×108mm cartridge was used ?

Yes, briefly at the beginning of the war and soon discarded (effectivity was questionable). It was the Sholokhov rifle:

Thank you .

…BUT…these 2 cartridge cases are from '42 / '43… !

Made by the Ulyanovsk plant number 3, and most likely shot with a machine gun ДШК,
In that ssilke that I brought, there is a photo cases of the shot from this machine gun.

They could be from the UB aircraft machine gun as well.