Publication corrections idea?


As pointed out in the thread concerning the Match Cartridge article in Journal 471, many authors want to make corrections AFTER an item has been printed.

IAA member Tony Williams has a great practice of providing corrections, errata and addendum type material for his superb books via his website.

IAA should offer a similar opportunity to IAA members to post corrections to their works. (Note- this is not for someone else to correct the “other guy’s” writings, but for the actual author to do so!) If the author wanted to use this option along with other vehicles, that would be fine.

Such corrections can include text and images (color, black and white drawings, patent papers). I would prefer they be submitted as .pdf documents, but will consider other formats to get some experience with options. If in .pdf format, that has the advantage of being easy to print out and file in the hard copy book.

This could be merged with the IAA bibliography of cartridge related books [something after the book listing like “corrections available click here”]

I would prefer to limit this to books, not Journal articles, although the same concept could be applied there if someone wanted to do the work to set up a process to make it user friendly to match the corrections with the article.

Any takers?


John S–Great idea. Let’s do it. If someone else spots a mistake or has more information, I suggest they send the Author an Email. Then, the Author can make whatever changes or corrections he wants and post it there.


Ron/John (sounds like a south Florida surf shop),

This is a great idea. As the author of the new Gyrojet book, “MBA Gyrojets and Other Ordnance,” I would not personally use it since I read over my stuff and saw that there were no missnakes. However, other authors who do make misteaks would find it helpful, I’m sure.