Punt Gun Case?

Picked this up too, think it could be a Punt Gun case, anybody any other ideas?
Totally unmarked, is certainly appears old, looks like the primer cup and cap have been replaced sometime in its life.

Sizes are;
Head Diameter = 1.247"
Rim Thickness = 0.112"
Tube Dia under head = 1.152"
Tube Dia at mouth = 1.075" (Average)
Overall Length = 4.509" (As best as I can tell)

Edit; I did wonder if it had been turned as there are 3 dints on the rim, but have put them down to modifying the primer cup (could be wrong) ?

4 Bore would be a close fit to 1.075". The three dents could be from a chuck, if it it was turned I would think that the manufacturer would use a collet instead. But perhaps the head was turned while the body was drawn.

Completely unrelated, but you’ve posted pictures of pages from a book on Kynoch punt gun cartridges a few times. I’m wondering what the title of that book is.


Hi Norman,

I agree on the three marks being from a chuck but rather put them down to the primer cup being modified for modern sized ones, as against manufacture from new. You would not want to be doing any serious turning work by gripping just on that rim.

Below are the sizes from a 2 bore case, these show an average of 0.030" difference on the head and rim but 0.050" on the case,

Sizes are;
Head Diameter = 1.277"
Rim Thickness = 0.158"
Tube Dia under head = 1.182"
Tube Dia at mouth = 1.125"
Overall Length = 4.50"

So if compare these against a 4 bore chamber sizes;
Sizes are;
Head Diameter = 1.200"
Rim Thickness = 0.130"
Tube Dia under head = 1.090"
Tube Dia at mouth = 1.035"
Overall Length = 4.00"

There are too many areas that don’t agree to a 4 bore, it sits almost midway between the 4 and the 2 bore. I have no data on 3 bores!

The book that you asked about is:- Kynoch 1882 catalogue (mine is a reprint :() see picture.

I hope that helps,


With a case 4.5 inches long I would wonder if it was a Punt shell and think it might be a yacht salute blank. The 1.5", 3 & 2 bore shells seen here in the US are for that use and are close to that OA length. The Punt shells are often 7-8" long due to the need of being loaded to hold lots of shot & the B.P. needed to move it the required distance.

No hard & fast rules here, & no reason why a guy couldn’t use a shorter shell other than a wrong chamber fit.


Would you know if reprints are still available? Google didn’t turn anything up for me.


Dale Hedlund only had 250 copies printed, so not a big run.

Try this link for books as it searches a number of book sites & good luck

Yes, I was using the punt gun with tongue in check Pete but as you know many 4 bores although built as a shoulder guns had a roping hole in the stock so they could be doubled as such. Looks like I will just keep it with the large bores for now but it was worth asking because somebody went to a lot of effort having it made.

As to the book, as Pete said it is one of the limited reprint of 250 and not very often seen for sale, so good luck indeed.

I have a copy of this book if you are interested?

I have a copy of the kynoch book for sale if interested

Items for sale should be listed on the buy/ sell/ trade forum