Putting a value on Rem-UMC 35WCF Box

I picked up this box at a gun show because I shoot a 1895 model Winchester in this caliber and I like collecting related ammo. I was curious if there was a book or website that covered REM-UMC ammo that might give me a ballpark value on this. I checked out the RTG Ammo site but didn’t see this particular box. All rounds are in nice shape and appear native to the box. The metal cased bullet is kind of interesting. Too bad I’ll never shoot them. If anyone out there has an estimate I’d be glad to hear it. I bought it at $65. It is something I am keeping and not planning on selling. Thank you.


From the IAA Journal, #478, March/April 2011, pages 14 - 15: Collector Cartridge Prices, U.S. Centerfire Rifle (Part 1)- 35 Winchester…$5.00


hurint1971–The two references above are for the value per cartridge. The nice full box should bring a premium over that. The box is in quite nice shape considering it is from 1926-1927. Kleanbore priming was introduced in Oct. 1926, so this box with it’s stick on label, would date shortly after that.

Thanks for the info on the box. I wasn’t sure on the date, I thought 1915-1920s. That explains the dogbone sticker. Obviously not as colorful as some Winchester or Western boxes but I like it.
Thank you.