PV-26 Cloud Dispersion Cartridge

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I have the Russian 23mm shotgun(?) cartridge shown in the photos below. While similar to the KS23 shotgun shells, this shell is longer and the primer is very different. Does anyone know what this cartridge is?

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Probably a 26mm flare cartridge


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i think the “26” on case mean 26mm
would be a 26mm flare cartridge

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Actually, it’s not an ordinary flare, as can be seen from special, electrically ignited primer
It’s an aircraft-related item with cloud dispersion load (PV-26), similar in design and application to chaff- and flare loads (PPI-26 and PPR-26) and fired from same multiple launchers


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Cartridges contain silver iodide. An electric primer is used for ignition.
Silver iodide causes condensation and precipitation in the form of rain.

And this system is used to extinguish forest fires)))

77396_original 74993_original 76788_original


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Looks like a giant D-sub connector, hehehe.

Thanks for the information and pictures, very interesting.

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