Pyrophoric-Coated Flechette Study, 1971 - 1972, USAF


From DTIC, report on testing pyrophoric (incendiary) coated flechettes:

Pyrophoric-Coated Flechette Study

FORWARD (extract) – “This report was prepared by Ordnance Research Incorporated, … Walton Beach, Florida… , under Contract … with the Air Force Armament Laboratory, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. … This report covers the period from 24 May 1971 to 31 January 1972.”

ABSTRACT –“The objective was to determine the feasibility of improving the performance of the 60-grain steel (SAE 1066) antimateriel flechette by adding an incendiary capability. The incendiary capability should be inexpensive and must not degrade the ballistic characteristics of the flechette. The approach taken was
to coat the flechettes with a thin layer of friction-activated pyrophoric metals which were selected based on an analysis of their physical and thermochemical
properties and of the terminal effects of the materials when gun launched. The results of this effort demonstrate that flechettes can be coated with a friction activated pyrophoric coating which can reliably initiate a self-sustaining gasoline fire in either truck tankage or POL drums and that technique suitable for mass production is possible.”

INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY, extract- “Testing during this effort was focused on typical targets that might be attacked by 2.75-inch FFAR with flechette warheads.”

FFAR = Folding Fin Aerial Rocket?

Test cartridge was a .458 with a nylon sabot for a single flechette.


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