PZ Patrone

Hello, does anyone have a picture of a Pz Patrone, Panzer Patrone (massive steel core)? Or even better a picture sectioned one?

Here are two pic’s



Would you also have a box?

Rheinmetall-Borsig AG Berlin became an order in 1941 to load 20 000 bullets with 2,8 gram powder in cases delivered by HWA (eej S* 6 42)

I have never seen a box.



Thank you Dutch! Were these meant for ground use, air use or both?

The first thought is air use, because of the brass case.
It was a test to make a SmK-H without using lead.
Now the SmK-H was a cartridge using on the ground.
It happens that the testing was made with brass cases and the cartridge for the field with steel.

I found only the information who gave the order for the assembly of the cartridges, HWA (Heeres Waffen Amt).

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Thank you again Dutch! Can we infer that WWII German 8mm in Brass cases were for air use? Or not?


I must correct myself.

After reading @SteveF his question I overlooked my files, and found out I wrote something wrong. I am getting old and forget something once a wile.

I found the final report from E’Stelle Rechlin E6 about these kinds of rounds.
The file is from April 1944 with a statement about the Pz, the Pz Brand, the Pz Brand Leuchtspur.
The Pz was definitely made for the air force, not replacing the SmK-H but the SmK.

The others should replace the PmK and B-cartridge.
One of the first statements was that there were difficulties firing these rounds true a MG15 and a MG81, and because the use of 7,9 MG was reduced in air plains, the development will be stopped.
On page 58 from the book German 7,9 mm Military ammunition from D. Kent a tracer cartridge is described with a drawing from Charles Né of 1967. I dont think it is a Tracer but one of the bullets from this test.

pic3 pic1