PzB Patrone 35(p) / 7,92x107 DS

I search information about polish ammunition type 7,92x107 DS made under german occupation in first years IIWW for antitank rifle wz.35 “UR” or:
Panzerbüchse (PzB) 770( p) / later 35 ( p) - in German
Fucile controcarro 35 ( P) - Italy
8 mm pst kiv/38 - Finland

Know headstamps:
P490 WaA201 40 1 d
P490 WaA201 40 1 l
P490 WaA201 40 1 o
P490 WaA201 40 2 a
P490 WaA201 40 3 h
P490 WaA201 40 3 k
P490 WaA201 40 4 d
P490 WaA201 40 4 l
P490 WaA201 40 5 g

BK 3 l 40 WaA201 (this is from copy ammo)

wg WaAB35 41 1 e

HS 7,92x107 PzB 35(p) 1
HS 7,92x107 PzB 35(p) 2

The method to use the model number of the country of origin, 35 ( p ) in this case, p standing for “polnisch”, was the earlier one. The switch to three digit sequential numbers within weapon type (2xx for rifles etc), in this case 770 ( p ), came later.
BK is a Luftwaffe-specific manufacturer code, later replaced by the army code P 490 and then wg.
“Museumsanfertigung” (made for/by museum) is a euphemism for forgery.

Edit: the spaces within ( p ) were added by me , otherwise § was displayed.

I can help with a picture from the wg 41 1a and the BK.wg 41 1


Great photos, thanks.

Wow impressive thread, VERY hard to find these variations here in the US.

Very nice rounds. -Ger

types of 7,92x107 Patrone 35 ( p )

type I early
Ammunition was created by exchanging polish bullet type DS in ammunition by german type Geschoss 318 SmKH-Rs-L’spur. The color marking of this ammunition was a combination of the polish and the german system. On the case around primer a green annular as in the original, top of the bullet was painted in black.

There is no information about production of ammunition from polish components with the Geschoss 318 SmKH-Rs-L’spur marked with the german scheme: red annular primer, top of bullet was painted in black.

Type II later
Ammunition produced from german components and color coded according to the german code system with Geschoss 318 SmKH-Rs-L’spur. Red annular primer, top of bullet was painted in black.

There is no information on the production of the tropical version (Tp) - tropical. In this the additional distinctive feature would be to seal the neck with a red varnish (vide Patrone 318 (Tp)).

type i II

As usual the info was superb again how ever for curious reasons I like to know how many dummies were
produced for this round they seem to be as rare as hell so far I have only seen them on pictures I am looking
for one for years!! like them in pairs.I only know that most of the guns and ammo was given to the Italians
since the Poles pretty well never got them out of the boxes by the time the 2 week melee was over. some info
on the subject would be nice.

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Patrone 35 ( p ) was made with other type german bullets???

Probably not (like Patrone 318 with bullet PZ).

But i find this… probably bullet is not original (not crimped on neck?)
Red primer annular, bullet black painted on the neck.

Patrone35p strange

How to learn polish?
The best method is try reading article about eng. Józef Maroszek constructor of antitank rifle wz.35
If you have problem use translator :)


For many years I have a short case in the collection. The case has no head stamp.
It should be a short case from a Maroszek round.
The person told me they came out of the ground in the Berlin aria. Because the primer is still good I think they were leftovers from some kind of testing

It would be nice if I could get some more information about this case.




Possibly this:


If case have lenght c.86mm that is 7,92x86 polish experimental ATR cartridges, but is not Maroszek.

Cartridges was first used in construction made by cpt. Edward Kapkowski on 1932



But better is read article write by Grzegorz Franczyk about polish experimental ammunition from years 1919-1939.

Platzpatrone 35 ( p )

Did exist???

-case with polish headstamps
-wooden bullet painted red (Holzgeschosse 33?)
-not visible color marking on primer

7,92x86 [two types of groove, most without signatures] and with a x80 cart. [ - pre x107 DS cart.]. (Felsztyn, Pfaffenhausen, construction office P.F.A.)
The Kapkowski rifle had a different cartridge.

@ PJB. I made these pictures some years ago by a fellow collector.


@przemek_m . Many thanks for the Information.

Best regards

Nice picture.
Probably first version polish blank ammo. Interesting is no gray annular primer.

Difference between polish box ammo and german from first production - look to type I Patrone 35 ( p ).
Box is stamping red ink with text : Geschoss:318


Original box of the 318 loaded cartridges.

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