PZM-SB headstamp on 7,63 x 25 Mauser

I found four or five of these 7,63 x 25 rounds in a range many years ago. I didn’t find any fired cases, just these misfires. CNCS bullet, copper-like primer.

I have not seen this headstamp in IAA’s list of markings. I understand that it means ‘Patronen, Zündhutchen und Metallwarenfabrik, vormals Sellier and Bellot’. Maybe I saw the box, but I can’t remember.

Was there a time when SB changed to PZM and back?

The “PZM” name was attributed to S&B’s Factory at Schoenebeck am Elbe, from about 1939 to 1945, during which time it was given both a “P” number and then a Letter code.

The Use of the “Commercial” designation would indicate NON-Wehrmacht supply (Probably Police or SS) as was common up to about 1942-43, when all Non-Wehrmacht entities then got access to “Military” marked German Ammo.

It is interesting to note that the accession of Albert Speer to the Munitions Ministry co-incides with the change over of supply arrangements for the SS etc. Speer improved a lot of the chaos which was occurring in Germany’s Munitions supply arrangements in the early years of the War, but as usual with Germany’s War Effort, a lot of innovations were “too little” or “too late” or Both.

A bit of cross-Historical reasoning.

Doc AV
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Thanks for your reasoning.