Quad Ammo .38 Spl

I think this is Multiple Munitions, but not sure. Can anyone confirm this. If so, what is the full name and address. Total weight of the 4 conical slugs is 205.3 gr. (51.3 gr. each) The slugs nest together with just the conical tip of the top one protruding from the case. Headstamp is W-W 38 SPL. This is the best picture I can get with my scanner.

Can no one ID this round from the 1980’s? Having done some more looking, I am not sure that it is Muliple Munitions, Inc. I found a confirmed MMI load in my collection with a MMI headstamp and it only has 3 not 4 projectiles.


As you noted, it is not MMI’s ammunition.

I have an old article (at least 1980’s) titled “Special Purpose Ammo” by Dominic Napolitano from a magazine called “Special Purpose Handguns”. This article has a picture of a 38Spl. cartridge and the 4 pointed lead bullets. The author calls it “Quad” ammo. There is no mention of who made the ammo, only that it came in 38Spl., 357Mag. & 45ACP calibers.

I have a sample round in 38Spl. with the standard nickel plated R-P headstamed case.

Here is a pic of the 38 Quad ammo box:

That’s the only pic I have, and I don’t know who the manufacturer was, or where they are from

See My 357 MMI post for a pic of the MMI round