Quadrapod technologies

Hi !!!, I

PM sent.

Here’s his webpage: quadra-pod.net/

The Quadra-pod is an excellent device. I bought mine 6 years ago, but I note that the price went actually up…

Anyway, maybe the TV “Experts” serials did the job, or at least help…


Jon C., Slick Rick & Philipe, thank you all for the information, I


I got one of these:
tigerdirect.com/applications … &CatId=517

I can recommend it.

Nice device, but it is more usefull for me the Quadrapod since I also took pics of firearms and the “tents” are little unconfortable for my purposes, anyway thanks a lot for yor concern !!!.
BTW what a kind of degree you have from the UALR ? and what do you collect ?.