Quandt's antics in 1969

I remembered I had this document when discussing the Quandt Group on another forum. Years ago I bought a list of deliverers to the Quandt Group companies in 1969. 345 pages of it.
The Quandt group included the remnants of DWM, IWKA and Mauser.

A funny note: the document came from a former DDR archive :)

While browsing through it I found some interesting examples, worth mentioning here.

Dynamit-Nobel in Fürth supplied brass blanks to IWK Karlsruhe, while the Troisdorf plant supplied IWK with powder and primers.

Dynamit Nobel-Genschow in Köln-Niehl supplied Mauser with ammunition and Comet with Signal Pistols.

Winchester in Düsseldorf supplied Mauser with .22lr ammunition (sold by Mauser as ‘KK80’).

You mean Winchester supplied .22 lr ammunition with the “DWM bomb” headstamp (thats what KK 80 show) to Mauser? In my memory, which may be wrong, KK 80 appeared several years later than 1969 on the German market. And Mauser became involved in selling it only after DWM had stopped small arms ammunition production.

Hi Vlim,

Interesting document, thanks for sharing.

Jochem is right, IWK and later IWKA announced the “DWM” brand KK80 in 1971, while Mauser announced the “Mauser” brand KK80 in 1974. The manufacturer was Winchester of Canada.



from our sale 15 lot 123
Full brass cased rounds with a 3-winged bomb headstamp [not exactly as in Kass] packed in a red plastic tray, this purplish or lavender and yellow Mauser .22 L.R. box is MISC-1-LR-3. Ca. 1970’s and produced by Winchester of Canada, it is has a couple very minor rubs and is in near mint condition. estimate- 25-40

Good points. I wonder what else Winchester could have supplied to Mauser in 1969.

Mauser was working on the relaunch of the Parabellum and the HSc was produced already in .32 auto and .38 / 9mmK. They fiddled around with .22lr revolvers and a .22lr HSc prototype.

Could have been for the Model 66 rifle.

What caliber were these blanks???


No further info. The supplied ‘blanks’ were most probably brass discs or cups, first/second steps of cartridge production.

“Messingnäpfchen” are brass cups, neither blanks nor discs (Rondelle).