Quantities of 303 ammo produced in WW2

I went to a talk at PMP on Friday and the CEO gave a presentation where the following was stated:

Production of military .303 ammunition started in South Africa during 1938, and this round was also widely used to hunt in those early years.
• During the 2nd World War, 45% of the .303 ammunition used by the Allied Forces, came from PMP – a staggering 768 million rounds.

I find it difficult to believe that so much of the 303 ammo was made in South Africa - just the logistics of shipping it to the theatres in Europe and the far east make it unlikely. I am not queriing the amount of 768 million but more the 45% - are there production figures from other countries that we can tally up & verify this percentage?

I do not agree with the 45% figure.
One plant in Canada, Defence Industries, produced 2.5 billion rounds of SAA most of which was .303".

The .303 British cartridge is not my strong point but, 45% of all .303 ammunition used in WW2, CEO may have been blowing the company trumpet a bit loud. The British ammunition companies produced truly staggering quanities of .303 ammunition- alot more than 768 million cartridges.
Someone with a whole lot more knowledge will have the correct stats.