Question #2 from the Admin


ChrisB. and I need to know how many people are having trouble with the “EMAIL” button at the bottom of each post. Please respond only if you [color=#BF0000]DO[/color] see it there, that is that you have all three buttons; “PROFILE” & “PM” & “EMAIL”.


I do not have the email button. Vic


I can see profile, pm and email. All okay here


See it and it works, no problemo.


I see everybody elses.

And mine.


Got all three


The e mail button has appeared on my screen


Same here - all 3 buttons now


Same here get all three.


ok for me…wireless out of town—a-ok


I have all three also



three in a row

well done



Hey, mine’s there too.

Just so you guys know, my previous comment about blocking e-mails was not aimed at the IAA Forum. It’s the only forum that I do not block. So get those cards and letters coming. I have a Christmas wish list for anyone interested.



i have all 3


Everbody who replied to this and the previous question about the presance or lack of the “EMAIL” button, thank you. Chris has fixed the problem. No more replies are needed.