Question about 100mm ammo on russian cannon (2a70)


i have a question about the new 100mm ammo for the 100mm 2a70 cannon (twin with 30mm cannon) mounted on russian armored personnal carrier (new model)
i saw a bad quality picture of this ammo
i would know if the casing is rimmed or semi rimmed or rimless ? (i think i see groove above the rim)
thank in advance for your response


It is semi rimmed with a somewhat unusual groove.


thank for your response
do you have a good picture of this ammo ?


My Russian isn’t that good, but some Google translator searches led to these pics, the second one is apparently what the turret assembly looks like with the shells stored around the auto-loader system rack:

And here is a Youtube video with some close-ups:


Looks like, from the cut-a-way, that it is a High-Low pressure system on a grand scale. Hope they have better luck with it than we did trying to up-gun, first, the LAV in the '80s-90’s (went from 105mm to 90mm then to 76mm to let’s stay with 25mm) and now the STRIKER (First in 105mm…). That, and coupled with a 30mm? Crew?? Oh, well, they do like cramped AFVs and they have such GREAT luck with auto-loaders. Thanks for the Pix, DK. Regards, Bruce.

Later Post: Looked it up and it’s on a BMP (BMP 3) and it now makes more sense as far as stability, but the other comments still hold true.


thank for your responses
now i can “see” the shape of this casing (i noted the particular crimp)