Question about 37mm shell for 1916 gun

I’m not into larger calibers and simply pick up items as I find them if they are cheap enough.

Found a 37mm shell marked Model of 1916. It was priced at either $22 or $27. Would this be the proper value or is it on the high side?

do you had picture of side view of this round ?

I don’t. I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of the side when I had it out but I only got the bottom. Is there anything I should look for?

I’ve been to many shows where this size, 37mm, is for sale. I say you got a bargain! Tom from MN

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I haven’t pulled the trigger but can at any time. It’s sitting in an antique shop and the seller a, for lack of a better word, competitor buyer at the flea market (good guy, we just happen to buy some similar items).

for tenewel
a picture of side view would show the projectile
you ask if you buy this at good price ?
depending of the projectile

Unfortunately no projectile. This is just the fired shell. I’ll try and get back to the shop today but it’s in a part of 10 that’s quite a ways away.

ah ok it an empty casing
in my opinion ,too expensive

The few I’ve found on the internet have been around this price plus shipping. But the ones I’ve seen have also been open listed (Ebay or other sites which usually means trying to get the most out of nothing). The one thing on this one is it’s in better condition than most I’ve seen that are currently available.

In general, I’d like to expand what I have but I also don’t want to get too invested in an area that I don’t plan on having a huge collection.

Depending on where you are living you may be better off for the beginning when you go to gun and militay shows. There compare items and prices.
Or better join the IAA and if you are in the US try to attend SLICS and the regional collector shows.

I’m a member of the IAA. Joined primarily because the few needs for information resulted in great responses.

I’m in the Colorado Springs (south of Denver) area. Lots of gun shows but haven’t seen any military shows here.

If in Australia this is a good price for this case. Nice condition. $50 my opinion.


If this 37mm case is as clean through out as the head stamp is, I would strongly consider purchasing it due to the nice clean headstamp on the case and the 1945 dated primer. So many of these cases one encounters these days are dinged up or show lots of corrosion. Just my 2 cent opinion.


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In our area we see a fair amount of WWI 37’s (case and projectile), most often US 37mm/1pdr, French and slightly less German. Occasionally the odd different country of origin shows up. The most common (black powder) rounds typically have an asking price of around $65, but at some of the militaria shows you may see 3-4 so they usually sit at that price. Less common high explosive rounds or items with original paint will go higher, depending on what you have and the condition.
Unfortunately a significant number of these rounds are still live. This is not necessarily a big deal on some items, but others, i.e. the French 37mm HE, may be in a different risk category and should be dealt with carefully and only by appropriate personnel. Picric Acid is not a forgiving material and is not known for tolerating stupid or uninformed people.

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I went ahead and picked it up. Large enough that it’s noticeable. Small enough that I don’t have to search hard for a display place.


The manufacturer of this case is Worcester Pressed Steel Co., Worcester, Massachusetts. Contract dates from 1919.

Thank you