Question about 6.5 carcano


i have a round of 6.5x52 carcano headstamped FRONTIER 6.5x52 ,the bullet is ballistic tip light marron
but the aspect of the case and annealing of the neck is very similar to 7.92x57 made by PPU (prvi partizan)
i just would know if ppu made these cases for FRONTIER ?
thank in advance for your response
ps:sorry i can’t make pictures because i haven’t got sophisticated camera ,the picture is blurry ,the only round i can make pictures is up to 20mm caliber


Yes, “Frontier” is one of theose “non-manufacturing” ammunition brands, which gets its ammo made by other suppliers, usually with their own headstamp…so the quantities are substantial. I would think that Prvi-Partizan is the most likely supplier of the cases; the “Ballistic tip” seems to be one of the Nosler-type projectiles, maybe from another manufacturer…
Any “Frontier” Packets to go and check details?
Several major ammo makers have done this “sub-contract” type work over the past 60 years, for “brand only” distributors.

Doc AV
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Those cases were produced by Hornady,but I don’t know if those cartridges were also loaded by them

Note that the ballistic tip bullet with brown tip has a diameter of .264", so a standard european 6,5 mm ( such as the 6.5 x 55).
Many Carcano rifles were rebarelled to .264" with standard rifle twist, and the original ones showed poor accuracy when used with such those bullets.Many shooters used surplus ammo or reloaded with military bullets. Some made bullets of the correct diameter with a swaging die and 22 RF magnum cases

I think that all modern 6.5 mm Carcano cartridges are loaded with the correct bullet diam. .267" - .268"

Every italian Carcano shooter must know if its rifle has an original or a modified barrell , using original bullets with a .264" barrell can be extremely dangerous


i haven’t got hornady case or hornady round to compare them
i compare with ppu rounds that i have
i wil try to buy a round of hornady with annealing neck for compare with this 6.5 carcano
for the bullet with the plastic tip light marron ,i see this on 6.5 creedmor and 6.5 grendel round


Well, I have a case made by Hornady for GRAF that has the same neck/shoulder annealed portion compared to PPU rounds


hornady made cases for graf ?
i have a round of 8x56R solothurn headstamped graf
i compare the annealing with the 6.5 carcano and there are very similar