Question about 6.5 grendel "wolf"


i see pictures of these 6.5 with steel lacquered cases
i would know if i can have lucky to find these even one round
because the 6.5 grendel in production are steel polymer coating
thank for your responses


I used to have one of the pre-production, lacquered steel case 6.5 Grendel rounds (headstamped 7.62x39), but recently gave it to a friend.

However, the production ammo is reportedly to also have lacquered steel cases, so all you have to do is wait awhile longer and you can buy as many specimens as you desire.


6.5x38mm Grendel, Wolf Military Classic, Barnaul (Barnaul Machine Tool Plant, Russia;“BPZ” = Barnaul Patronnyi Zavod)

Front label:

Back label:

End flap:

Stamp on inside of end flap & explanation on tab:





Brian, great pictures, thanks. Earlier production was packed in boxes labeled “WPA Military Classic”. Load and headstamp is the same.


Here is the WPA version box -