Question about 7.62x39 ZV 75


This is my first time posting, I want to know Weight of a bullet, for 7.62 AK ZV 75

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It is a mild steel core bullet which usually weigh around 7,9 gram.


The total cartridge weight is 18g, I thought 154Gr!


Typically a brass cased ball will be in the area of 17 gram, one by ZV rather at the lower end, so I’d expect you are talking about a reload. If possible please check the bullet diameter, also upload a picture of side view and head.


The bullet diameter 7.84mm


I don’t see the head picture?!
Just checked, mine is exactly 17,25 gram and is loaded with spherical powder, similar to the one loaded into Soviet 5,45

Not sure what to think about your cartridge. Scratches on the bullet, traces on the shoulder puts my warning light on.
This is what mine looks like