Question about a Polish Ex. round


A couple of months ago I found a few 7,62x54R Polish rounds.

With my limited knowledge about Polish cartridges I would like to ask if somebody know the meaning of “St” in this head stamp.
In Germany it was the sign of a case made from steel.

Thanks in advance


Stal [PL] / Steel / Stahl

Steel case. : )


Very interesting & thanks for the photos.

PFA (shown in the headstamp photos above) is mentioned in a previous discussion here:

Can some please provide more information on the meaning of PFA (P.F.A.) and is this commonly found in Polish headstamped cartridges?

Date range for the use of PFA in headstamps?




Brian, from my book, written in Polish, I cannot read. -:( 
Panstwowa Fabrika Amunicji made from 1946 until 1949 followed by „21“.

I am sure a Polish collecor can tell more.



Państwowa Fabryka Amunicji 1945-1949 - PFA; FA [signature as prewar name]
{1948 or 1949 - Zjednoczone Zakłady Wyrobów Metalowych Zakład Nr 2 w Skarżysku}
21 - 1950 {1951 Zakłady Metalowe “Skarżysko”}
1975 {Zakłady Metalowe PREDOM-MESKO}
1985 {Zakłady Metalowe MESKO}
1988 {Zakłady Metalowe MESKO im. Gen. Władysława Sikorskiego}
1994 {Zakłady Metalowe MESKO S.A., Skarżysko}
2011 {Bumar Amunicja S.A.}
2014 {MESKO S.A.}



I have listed 7.62x25 Tokarev rounds from FA 48 2 33 to FA 49 9 33, and PFA 33 9 49 to PFA 33 24 49.


From FA 48 1 33



Excellent, I have added it to my listing! And yes…I need it!