Question about bullet of .461 Match cartridge

I would be very grateful if someone on this forum could show the shape of the “copper envelope bullet of 570 grains” of the British .461 Match cartridge.

It was used for much of the test firings on which British ballistician F. W. Jones based the Hodsock air drag function for small arms bullets. I am compiling an overview of the alternatives to the well used G1 function. Knowing the bullet shape would be of great help.

Are you talking about the Gibbs .461 with the full patched bullet?

It is found in the No. 1 & the No. 2 .461 Gibbs.

The No 1 is found with a GM and a tinned GM-jacketed but I’m only aware on the GM-jacketed in the No. 2.

All three of these are in a Gibbs trade-marked case, for whatever that is worth.

Hope this is of use. I’m not sure of the bullet weight but it’s the only .461 named case type I know of & Gibbs was a match shooter.

Pete, thank you very much for your response and for posting the photo.

To answer your question: I wish I knew what I am talking about. The identification I gave is all F.W. Jones writes in his book about the cartridge used for the firing tests. Considering your information it seems highly probable that the .461 Gibbs is what Jones calls .461 Match.

Now I have an idea what the bullet shape looked like. This allows to put the Hodsock drag model into perspective. Thanks a lot.