Question about color of 9x19 CCI blazer aluminium cases


i would know if anyone know the different color of these aluminium casing 9x19 by CCI blazer
i know two green ,two blue ,one aluminium “natural”, one very dark grey ,and one purple case (like 30x173 gau 8)
i can buy some of these rounds
thank in advance for your response


Here are the colors I know of. The cartridge on the extreme right is the “natural” color of Blazer aluminum cases. I also have what appears to be a nickelled aluminum case with the typical “N R” headstamp.

I only seen one shade of green, and two that I would call gray or black. I have never seen a purple that I remember.

If anyone has other colors, please post them!




thank for your response
for the purple case it may be a bad remember
but i know two differents blue cases and two differents green cases (i will try to get these if my friend had them actually)
your empty casing look like the same color as UTM 9mm and 5.56 ammo


In 38spl CCI had even more odd colors:

Wonder if they ever tried these in 9mm?


thank for your response
now i see the two green and the two blue
the “purple” case that i talk maybe the same red case on this picture


They also used different kind of primers.



The primer mounted on the left cartridge is a Berdan type using a CCI #209 shotshell primer cup.


this primer is an original load ?
i see only nickel look primer on CCI blazer alu cases


The large brass primer is absolutely original and was the way the very first CCI Aluminum 9 mm and .38 Special came out. Currently, there is a third primer type as despite the “N R” on the headstamp, the CCI aluminum-case Blazer round production is being changed to Boxer primers. They look identical to the special nickel-cup Berdan primers, and can only be discovered on fired cases or through disassembly of the cartridge. The change has been going on for a few years - I don’t know if it is complete throughout the entire line yet, or not. It is, in my opinion, an accident waiting to happen as the aluminum cases are still not fit for reloading and catastrophic disintegration of the case after X-number of reloadings is not impossible.


Her is a picture of the .38 Special John mentioned.



Here is an advertisement published in 1983:


CCI colors in my collection:
left is aluminum, next yellow, nickeled case, two shades of green, very light blue, slightly darker blue, gray, dark gray case and loaded round, medium gray, a couple more shades of blue. the last round being a contract to Britain. The only brass rounds with the CCI N R headstamp are unfinished cases with a 38 SPL headstamp.

Primers have a whole other suite of colors and types, the early nontoxic ones tried various colored primers for testing.


You mention that the last round you show is a contract for Great Britain. Do you have any more details of this please? L number? Packet label?

I presume the headstamp is the normal CCI NR?



Gary - nice collection of colored CCI Aluminum 9 mm rounds. Much better than mine. Glad to see them!

However, your statement about the only brass case with the CCI NR type headstamp is unfinished .38 Special, is not correct. I have, and it is on the desk I am typing at right now so it is not from my dismal memory, a fired, Boxer-primed 9 mm Para brass case with headstamp N CCI R 9mm Luger. I have no information on how and why it happened to be made, however.


I have little to add other than I dated it to 1988 vintage. Lew pictured the same round and probably can add info. Headstamp is the same.

John Moss,
I did not mean to imply these were the only ones, I never say that in regard to any cartridge. In my collection the only brass cases with CCI N R are unfinished cases without a cut groove and say 38 SPL. One is double stamped. I figured if there are unfinished cases, that there are probably finished cases maybe with both 9mm and 38 SPL stamps.


I have a nickel plated 9mm CCI blazer with a nickel primer. It has a standard rounded 9mm bullet not the flat tipped one shown in GaryM’s photo. I think picked it up awhile back from the remains of a Buttweiler bin sale. At the time it had a paper label wrapped around it saying “CCI NR 9mm Luger New Zealand”. Is there a New Zealand connection? Is it plated brass or aluminum?




As far as I know, all the colored case Blazer loads were test items and never sold commercially. I know that CCI/Speer tried different case finishing in marketing tests, and these colored cases were perhaps also subject to marketing tests.

Frankly, I never really understood the reason for the various case colors unless it was marketing or perhaps case ID for law enforcement.

I know Blazer items were made for many countries, including dummy loads for Saudi Arabia with a special base that prevented the dummy from ever being converted to a live load.

I have no record of the blue case round being for the UK, but it was possible it was made as a test item. I strongly doubt it was ever a production item.



The dark blue case was issued as an early lead free loading. The box below it is later. The box at the top center is a 100 round box of lead free. Several other boxes are pictured. The experimental box with typed label on the right is one of the first trials with no headstamp and large brass Berdan primer. The box below is headstamped and of first production run I believe. The experimental box on the lower right has nickeled cases. The inert marked box is empty but I believe had pierced primers for use at the Shot Show or other places for give aways. Sample packs of keychains on lower left were also used in promotions. The lower bright green box in the center is empty but I think was for aluminum cases. The box lower center is for the practice tracer with headstamp of SEL (Sport Equipment Limited, I think) for military contracts.
The trial boxes show two different shot capsule loads, they tried several load configurations for shot some without extended cases. I have two different ones, one marked 1 or 6 and the other 2 of 6. I don’t know if they made a steel case with the CCI N R headstamp. My only two SPEER 9mm steel cases use a SPEER headstamp.


nice box
do you had a picture of this SPEER steel case ?


The Speer steel case, in profile, looks pretty much like a a WWII German CWS case. They are copper coated by some process, I don’t know if it is a plating, a wash, or whatever. I don’t know crap about case finishing processes even though there have been some good explanations of them by some of our more scientific and learned members. There is also a copper-washed (used for lack of a better description) brass case round that looks identical. You have to use a magnet to tell the difference.

I don’t see why, but if absolutely need, I can photograph my specimens and have my friend Joe put it on this thread. I don’t think it will serve any real purpose to be honest, though, as it is as I described it.