Question about creating an online memorial

Is it possible to create a board dedicated to the past members of this forum? It will serve dual purpose. Firstly, the newcomers browsing archives will not be asking questions directed at the members who are not with us anymore. All their posts will carry a special marker. Secondly, it will be a place to grieve for the close friends. Surely, Schneider and Phil will be there. Even I shall be there as a person who made most mistakes in my posts. Unfortunately, all of us will follow some time, but the forum will last forever.

I 2nd that! :-) Great idea in my opinion.


There is already a memorial program in the IAA. It has been previously discussed on the Forum when Jim O’Brien passed away in 2008.

His friends endowed an IAA Award of $100 for the best article on Artillery to be published in the IAA Journal over a 3 year period. They endowed a three or four award periods (9 to 12 years total). I think a total endowment of $300 is required to establish a new award. The winner with the best article gets a framed certificate and a check for $100. A number of the winners have donated their check back to the award fund.

At SLICS the Labbett-Woodend Award for the best article on British cartridges was awarded for the second time.

There are two other awards; The Hintilan Award for US Cartridges, and the Andrews Award for Shotshells.