Question about italian casing ww2

i have one 8x59 breda mg round with steel chemically black oxidizer casing(not lacquered) and one 6.5x52 carcano with lacquered brown steel casing
i would know if exist 7.35 carcano ands 9mm m38 with steel cases ?
(i saw 12.7 breda and 20x138 with brown lacquered cases)
thank in advance for your responses

The 9M38 lacquered steel case ammunition exist. Known specimens are made by GFL with 43-45 dates. These are quite rare and expensive if you can find one for sale. There is also a 41 dated GFL round with a plain or plated steel case-the only known specimen in the Woodin Lab and a qrb headstamped steel case has reportedly been found in Italy. These last two specimens are basically unique.



thank for your response
i saw that the 9M38 is very rare