Question about markings on 37mm Hotchkiss casing

I’m not sure what the letters mean on this casing. It reads “nny” or “nnx”. “6-16” and “UHG”. There is an anchor and another group of letters but a hole was drilled in so i can’t make them out. Any insight?

Most likely Russian Cyrillic letters, a good clear picture and the case length would help.

I am a new user on this group and I was recommended to come here to ask about a 37mm M51B2 Cartridge we found when moving into our new home. I know this is about Hotchkiss ammunition but I do not know how to use this particular forum. Can anyone help me on this?

“ППУ” would be Prvi Partizan (Први Партизан) of Serbia.


Does headstamp in the photo below look anything like the headstamp on your cartridge?

Source: Internet



A picture would help.

Does the information below (from TM 9-1901 Artillery-Ammunition-1944) apply to the 37mm you are trying to describe? See paragraph marked with a red star.



You have a 1 Pdr Heavy, 37 x 136mmR U.S. Navy case. The three letters at the 12:00 position are probably W. N. Y. which stand for Washington Naval Yard, the place where this case was manufactured (6-16 stands for June, 1916).

J.H.G. are the superintendents initials, in this case James H. Glennon, who over saw operations. The initials A. _. B. are the inspectors initials. The anchor signifies this to be a U.S. Navy cartridge case.


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Carleton- A quick translation of the excellent info bdgreen provided. The projectile is not dangerous. It is intended for piercing armor by brute force, no explosives in the projectile. These are fairly common souvenir items. Sometimes with the cartridge case which can be brass or steel (with a brown paint type finish). If the primer in the back is missing or you can pull the projectile out easily that will verify there is no powder in it.