Question about mdz bullets and mk 211 "raufoss"

i just would know if the modern mdz russian bullets are much or less sensitive than .50 bmg mk211 "raufoss"
i know that few HEI bullets are extremely sensitives and these bullets doesn’t exist in inert condition (they cannot be neutralized)
thank in advance for your responses

The Mk211 is a fuseless system and also doesn’t require a striker/primer system to function. The Mk211 is boresafe and drop safe. The Raufoss/Nammo web site used to show a photo of the tests of the Mk211 (NM140/NM140A1) where the live round was dropped onto armor plate from a height of something like 15 feet (don’t recall the exact number but it was wild), nose first, onto the plate and would not function. The bullet was highly deformed and shoved back into the case.

I don’t believe the MDZ would survive that.

thank for your response
i will “dropped” this round if i don’t know his sensibility