Question about meaning of M/94 on 7,62x51 from HMAK

I got this pic from a friend, asking me, what the M/94 on the box means. The ammo is fabricated from the now defunct danish company AMA for HMAK. The markings on the box shows a yellow point, indicating Ball-Ammo…but the meaning of the M/94 -applied maybe later- on that box is unknown to me…
Can it be, that this ammo is meant for use in swedish (Tank)-Machineguns which are named kulsprut m/94?

Any insight?
Thx for help

Peter, this is the Danish model designation for the cartridge.

The Danes would not use foreign weapon designations to what I saw. All their guns have own Danish model designations.

The question is, what is the difference between M/94 and earlier 7.62 NATO cartridges adopted in the sixties for m/62 machine gun and m/66 rifle?
Considering the timeframe of the early nineties, the introduction of a lead-free primer comes to mind.

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Ball cartridge which replaced the M/62 and M/75 versions. Made after research had shown the steel jacket fragmented ‘too easily’ after which a stronger pure Tombak (GM) jacket was produced. First lots were made with foreign made bullets.

thanx to all responding answers…HÜHNERDIEB NAILS IT…