Question about odd 4 Gauge electric primed ammo


I had several boxes of this ammo, coming from the stocks of the former Feistel factory in Göllheim (unfortunatelly all papers gone, as factory closed down), It must be a sort of EOD Disrupter ammo, as the closure is watertight and also for each cartridge a red plasticcap is in the Box. I havent found out, who or what is the SAS Group in London mentioned on the box…
Maybe someone here can help to correctly identifying this ammo.
Thx in advance, photo attached


This is a propellinig cartridge for the so-called “pig stick”. That is the mentioned EOD disruptor.
The red caps are for sealing the launch tube when it contains liquids or sand or thelike.

The Sas Group is most likely just another trade company.


Peter, very interesting find! This cartridge was made to be used with the Hunter EOD robot manufactured by Hunting Engineering PLC and traded by the Sas Group in London. Below you can see some pages from an undated catalog. The latter company was not longer involved with the Hunter after 1988.



Unusual 1Inch Less Lethal Cartridge