Question about plastic box speer 9mm and 50ae

i remember that speer sell ammo in plastic box around 2000’s
i saw a blue translucend box of 9mm luger with HP bullet (but i don’t remember if that gold dot load) and yellow box 50ae with gold dot bullet

i would know if these box are rare ? because i search these EMPTY but in mint shape

thank in advance for your response

I would not classify these boxes as rare by any means. Whether or not you could find any you would be happy with depends on how import “mint” is to you and what your definition of “mint” is. Once opened, the boxes are simply not mint condition anymore. Between the way the labels were put on and the shape of the plastic latch they cover, once the label is cut, no matter how carefully, “mint” is a thing of the past. Empty specimens of these should not be expensive if you find them, though, at least in my opinion. We’re not talking pre-WW2 boxes or boxes from exotic countries from which it is hard to find anything, with these boxes. They are just very modern, mass production commercial boxes.

thank for your response
i collect as well as rounds ,empty plastic and modern ammo box (but only factory box with original)
for the rarity i live in stupid country where even a simple plastic box is very difficult to get )