Question about Portuguese and Nigerian 9mm

Dear fellow collectors,

I have two questions and I was hoping that you guys could provide me with some info.

I was wondering which 9mm ammo was used by the Portuguese army in the 60/70s for
their P38 pistols.

Secondly, I’m interested to know which 9mm ammo is currently being used by Nigerian
army for their Walther P5s.

Thank you!


Portugal produced 9x19mm ammunition pretty continuously from the early 1950s through the mid 1990s. My latest date in my collection is from 2000, and my specimens from the late 1990s is pretty spotty, but that may just reflect the fact that less of their ammunition from this period has reached the surplus market. None of the Portuguese boxes in my collection make any distinction between pistol and machine pistol ammunition as far as I can tell so I assume their 9x19mm ammunition was intended for both types of weapons.

Nigeria is another story. No question they produced 9x19mm but I know of only a single specimen (not in my collection unfortunately) dated 1974 with an OFN headstamp code. This one is dented and looks like a production reject. The best information I have is from the Nigerian Defense Industries website (

[quote]The Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria was established by an Act of Parliament in 1964. Consequently a West German manufacturing firm Fritz Werner was assigned the task of providing technical expertise and set up the Ordnance Factory in Kaduna .

The first Technical Partner of the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) was Fritz Werner of Western Germany. FW designed and built the Kaduna Ordnance Factories in 1964 with the following production capacities, 5000 units of BM 59 Rifles per annum, 18,000 units of SMG 12 per annum, 12,000,000 rounds of 7.62mm x 51 per annum and 4,000,000 rounds of 9mm x 19 per annum.
The Nigerian Civil War which occurred between 1967 -1970 necessitated the tripling of the above production rates and the factory was thus able to make a significant contribution to the war effort. After the war in 1970, the lucrative arms market for DICON ended . Therefore, in order to remain in business DICON decided to use its equipment to produce civilian items like rural water supply equipment, industrial spare parts and furniture for sale to the public.

The website dated 2010 indicates they are currently producing 9x19mm ball and star crimp blanks. They also produce 7.62x51mm in ball, bulleted blank and star crimp blank according to the website.

If anyone has more information on Nigerian 9x19mm production, I’d be very interested in hearing it.

Has anyone seen more current Nigerian production? Are they still using the OFN headstamp?

I’d really appreciate photos of Nigerian 9x19mm ammo and the boxes if anyone has them.

Cheers, Lew

Cartridgecorner just sent me an email letting me know that after about 1985 Nigeria used the codes “AFN” and “AF” in place of “OFN”