Question about the 9mm Browning long

I think the 9mm Browning long is known in the forum.
The Swedish Husqvarna M07 used this round.

My question, are other country’s made this cartridge?
Are there box labels or head stamps known from non Swedish cartridges?

Thanks in advance


Use the Forum search function, type in " Browning long ".
You will get an extensive list of Forum discussions concerning countries/manufacturers that have made the 9mm Browning long.



Austria - Hirtenberger
Belgium - A.E.P. and F.N.
Czechoslovakia - Sellier & Bellot, Prague
England - Eley and Kynoch
France - S.F.M.
Germany - Geco, R.W.S., R.M.S., K.M. Spandau
Italy - Leon Beaux, G.F.L.
Sweden - Karlsborg, Marieberg, Norma, Svenska Metallwerken, Carl Gustafs Stads
Turkey - M.K.E.
U.S.A. - Midway Arms, Remington-UMC, United States Cartridge Co
Yugoslavia (Serbia) - Prvi Partizan

I have a lot of box labels for this caliber. Are there any in particular you wanted to see?
I think they are all published, along with much more information, in my article on the 9 mm Browning Long in IAA Journals 433, May/June 2005, pages 4-18 and 444, July/August 2005, pages 44-57.
John Moss

Thank you. I am getting old.

thank you for the listing.

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Perhaps “WE are getting old” is more appropriate! :-)

If it wasn’t for computer files, the forum search function, IAA & ECRA Journals, books etc. I couldn’t keep any of this straight.


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