Question about two types of shells 20mm

i would know the type of these shells
first a 20x110 oerlikon with white of light grey shell

second a 20x139 with white or light grey and red black band

thank in advance for your response

Can we get better images? In aprticular of the projectiles and all markings including hs and stencilled markings on the projectiles as well as anything marked with paint.

i have only these two pictures
but i can bought these rounds

American 20mm Oerlikons painted white/lt grey are H.E. rounds loaded with Tetryl .

thank for your responses
but the 20x110 is not american

i have more info on these two shells

the 20x110 oerlikon

light grey shell engraved mk 7 20 a
mk 26 1 ddcco f engraved on fuze
zb 5 6 7 nfb 45 painted on chromated case
headstamp:mdc 1945 rv 20mm mk3

the 20x139

609-70 painted on shell
800 6 graved on shell
shell had a aluminium “fuze”(maybe a ballistic cap) and the body look like light alloy
and red/black band and medium grey body and light/medium grey “fuze”